the nutcase

Gwennie was one of the original three chooks, from a caged farm in Essex.  She had the world's most impressive tail feathers, and was so excited about food, and running around the garden, she often fell over with excitement. She lived 17 months, and had a lovely one-year-free party in the summer of 2016

The Egg Monster

So annoyed was she at the arrival of Paula and Edna, who wouldn't leave the coop, Gwennie decided to protest by making a new nest behind the food store

gwen kitchen.jpeg

Feed Me!

Gwennie always knew where the food was, so she'd be first in line to march into the kitchen and demand some yogurt

gwen pech.jpeg

Old Lady

Towards the end, Gwennie would content herself by sitting on the perch and taking a sneaky nap, or having a chat with her new best friend, Paula