Approach your next meal with a heightened sense of awareness and mindfulness
Where did this food on my plate come from?
What went in to bringing it to me, and why am I eating it?
Does it reflect my values?
Does it reflect the words that come out of my mouth?
Do my actions align with what I believe?

Our plate is political.
It’s a vote for what we believe about the world
How it is, and how we would like it to be.
— Rich Roll

We're the Mum and Dad of the E17 Chickens, and we're vegan. We have a cat that eats meat. So, very much not-vegan if you want to be strict about that. Both of us came to this from the point of view of animal welfare. Sorrel is a rescue cat and gets the highest welfare meat its possibly to buy in the UK for a cat. Had she gone elsewhere that may not be the case. I know that won't be enough for some, but we live with that. We also question it, regularly. The girls we look after brought us a long way down this road. It's very hard to see a pet as food, and from that point on, it gets harder to see animals as anything other than individual, sentient, emotional and deserving of our empathy. 

Obviously, in this we differ from the British Hen Welfare Trust. e've re-homed caged hens, and we've re-homed Free Range hens, and I can promise you, free range chooks are significantly healthier and happier than their caged sisters. But there's still a problem with the industry. A big one. But if all you do is commit to free range eggs. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the difference you'll make. 

The fact that you've come to this page means I hope you're open to questioning all your choices. There's lots of great information out there to help you explore this idea. We've come here with a lot of work, and it will probably take some time if you want to get there. Don't let perfection get in the way of progress, just try to be better every day you can. 




Below is a load of resources, videos and reading to get you going, and see the world how we see it. You may disagree with us, and it may make you uncomfortable. But come at it with an open mind, talk to us and others.

And always grow. 

A great collection of articles on the egg industry

A great collection of articles on the egg industry

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