The babies

Edluna, Ophelia and Ronja are very different from the past residents of E17 Chickens. They were rescued from a slaughterhouse, just minutes before they were due to be turned into pieces. They are a totally different breed from the egg laying hybrids that all the other girls are, and they're much younger. When they came to us they were six weekd old, the age of a 'mature' broiler chicken. Still cheeping and with blue eyes. They're bred to put on weight, fast, so are basically hungry all the time, and their bodies are too big for their poor bones.  All of them have trouble walking, especially Ronja, who couldn't walk initially. She got the nickname Sitty for that.  

But now they've been with us a couple of weeks, they're starting to walk a little more. Their eyes have turned from blue to yellow and their cheeps are starting to sound like clucks. They love their food, but we make sure they only eat piles of fruit and veg to keep the calories down. Who knows how long these girls (we hope they're girls!) will survive, but they've known sunshine and grass, and love.