Years ago the Dad of E17 Chickens wanted to get some chickens. Posh ones. Ones that had thick, gorgeous feathers, and exotic heritage.  But then YouTube came along. And we watched videos of ex-battery chickens coming out and seeing grass and sunshine for the first time in their lives. 

The more we found out, the more we realised we wanted to give these girls a good retirement home. Somewhere to rest their weary bodies, and enjoy some time to themselves. Somewhere to stretch their wings. We were horrified by the state of the girls when they came out of the cages.  But we learnt how to help them. How to get them used to their new lives. 

When we decided to put some lights in the garden, Dad ran some ethernet cables, so he could keep an eye on the girls whilst him and Mum were out at work. Then, with a bit of googling and advice on DDNS, DMZs, PoE, and lots of other techy stuff, this website started to form.

And suddenly we weren't just rescuing chickens. We could show the world what happens when you take a chicken, and show it love for the first time in it's life...

They thrive.

Some don't make it very long. Some are too broken. But to us, thy are all superheroes. We've cried more times than we care to remember since we started this journey. But we've had more joy than we could ever have imagined. 

All these girls are superheroes.

Come share their life with us.